The client determines the way the assignment is best executed, depending on the type of assignment, its goal, the internal organization, ...

To maximize the results of the assignment, our approach is based on the observation that security is not only a technical or an organizational matter. It is the experience of everybody in the company that is at the basis of it. It is preferable that our service be integrated in the client’s existing structure. For example, by bringing in our expertise in the security department, management, concepts, solutions, and coaching of projects are developed more company-specific and internal support is increased.
Therefore, we prefer to perform the aforementioned services jointly with the client, so that the symbiosis of external expertise, company specifics and identity leads to better results, better security culture, and a long-term guarantee.

In view of this, we offer several forms of cooperation:

  • Temporary support of executive management or the security department, whereby the consultant is embedded in the company organization and the operational steerage is done by the client.
  • Act as sparring partner in meetings or projects, as think tank, observer, or guide of processes that lead to a policy vision.
  • Act as coach and guide of security experts as well as security departments with regard to either management, projects, or in a specific security discipline.

Of course, the consultant can also operate as an expert, who can perform the assignment with greater autonomy out of the offices of Robrechts & Thienpont.

The cooperation relationships are customized for and with the client. All forms of cooperation are, therefore, negotiable whereby security experts are temporarily or on part-time basis made available to the client. In addition to these forms of interim security management, other and more far-reaching forms of cooperation and partnership are also possible.